CBSE Released JEE Main 2016 Admit Card

JEE Main 2016 Admit Card: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made the JEE Mains Admit Card 2016 available on the official website. The board has notified the candidates regarding the JEE Mains 2016 exam time table. The interested candidates have applied till 31st December 2015 and have been waiting for the admit cards ever since. Now as the CBSE has made the admit cards available, the candidates who had applied can download the admit card from the official website or from the link provided below.

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TheJoint Entrance Examination (JEE) will be conducted every year to all the aspirants who seek admission in various engineering colleges and courses all over the country. JEE  is a common engineering entrance examination that is conducted every year.  Earlier, the Central Board of Secondary Education has announced that in place of IIT JEE and AIEEE, JEE is conducted in two parts, one is the JEE-Mains exam which is for the admission in IIITs, NITs, CFTIs, and etc and the other is JEE-Advanced which is for the admissions to  Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).

The notification of JEE Main 2016 Exam has been released by the CBSE and invited the applicants. Those who are interested have applied for the exam and have been waiting for the admit cards ever since. Now as the board has made the admit cards available, the candidates who had applied can download the admit card from the official website or from the link provided below. The offline exam will be held on 3rd April 2016 while the Online Exam will be held on 9th and 10th April 2016.  Since there are two papers, Paper 1 is for the admission to B.E./B.Tech courses while Paper-2 is for the admission in B.Arch and B.Planning courses.

Exam Pattern: The exam will have two papers for which the candidates should apply for both the papers. Paper-I will have 30 MCQ from Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics for a duration of 3 hours. For every right answer, 4 marks will be awarded while for the wrong answer 1 mark will be deducted. While Paper-II will have three sections of which section-I will have MCQ type questions from Mathematics, section-II  from aptitude skills and section-III include drawing test.

Steps to Download JEE Main 2016 Admit Card:

  • Visit the official website or click the link provided below
  • Click on the link JEE Main 2016 Admit Card
  • Enter the application number, date of birth and click on submit
  • The admit card will be displayed on the screen
  • Save it and take a printout of it for further reference

Click here: To Download JEE Main 2016 Admit Card – Available Now

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Studying Alone vs. Group Study ?

Every student has their own studying preferences and priorities; some prefer to immerse themselves in a certain environment, while others study best at certain times of the day. Creating a stress-free study environment is one way to improve your grades. Even so, there is still the question of who to study with: should you study alone or in a group study session? And how much of an impact will this have on your results?

One option isn’t necessarily better than the other. But one might be better for you. Maybe you prefer to study alone but retain more information if you’re part of a study group. Or maybe you enjoy the group dynamic but learn better in a quiet setting. No matter your learning style or preference, here are things to consider when deciding between studying alone or with a group of peers.

Studying alone…


Minimizes distraction

You may find it hard to stay on track when your group gets together. The conversation shifts from course material to current events, maximizing distractions as the clock ticks away. Studying alone allows you to concentrate and minimize the disruptions that can keep you from retaining the material. It’s easier to avoid temptations when you work alone, meaning fewer interruptions.

Allows you to pace yourself

The ability to study in solitude allows you to give your complete and undivided attention to the study materials. You can work at your own pace, reading and rereading concepts and problems at a suitable speed for you. Give more and more focus to the information you’re struggling with, and you’ll be able to tackle your exam with confidence.

Improves focus

Sometimes study partners are not as knowledgeable as you are. Sometimes they want to spend hours studying a topic that you already know like the back of your hand. When you study on your own, you’re able to completely focus on the material you choose, and spend less time on material you’ve already mastered. That means you can spend your already limited time more wisely.

Group Study…

Group Study
Group Study


Increases retention

Verbalizing concepts and explaining material to others helps to reinforce ideas and improves your knowledge retention. The more you repeat the text, the stronger your memory will become. Group study offers the opportunity to hear information from others, too, which can serve you well should you have a large amount of material to cover.

Expands access to information

Group study allows for varied views, insights and information to be shared in one place. That sharing creates an open discussion and enhances your thinking skills. Students who study together tend to share notes and other class materials, building and broadening your understanding of the subject. This wealth of knowledge can mean you have more time to focus on key concepts, and spend less time stuck on one idea that has you hung up.

Boosts motivation

Group study time is a great opportunity for effective review. Create mock tests, quiz one another, and assist those who may be struggling with course material. Having a team that depends on you can increase your motivation and improve your focus because you’ll feel obliged to help everyone succeed.

Which do you prefer – solo or group study – and why? Tell us in the comments!

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Top ten tips to crack CBSE board exams

As the CBSE board exams come closer to you, there is a sudden sense of nervousness. There is an urge to perform well in the board exams and excel. Almost every student wants to get a bright career by cracking the board exams and entering the desired college. Here are some of the most basic, but sure-shot tips to crack CBSE board exams:

1. Know your strengths and weaknesses

Design your preparation around these factors. You may have stronger subjects and weaker ones. Know about them and then plan your preparation.

2. Know your exam pattern in and out

Pick up past year question papers of CBSE boards and practice them. You will realize that there is a fixed pattern around which CBSE revolves. U-Like books are a great source for practicing previous year’s question papers.

3. Practice hard

As long as you are unable to answer every question perfectly, do not stop. Practice is the key to crack CBSE exams.

4. Make sure that every single thing in NCERT books is covered

NCERT books are CBSE’s favorite. Make sure that you study them in-depth and solve the questions at the end of chapters.

5. Have a disciplined routine

Do not wake up late or sleep late. Have a proper and strict schedule for yourself. If you haven’t been following a proper routine, your body will take a few days to adjust to the new disciplined routine.

6. Give your brain the vacant space

Just a few days before your board exams, do not over-stress yourself. Give free space to your brain. Let your mind relax and have some time for leisure and creative or productive activities.

7. Solve mock papers and question papers of other schools

Do not just focus on the question papers of your school. Ask the friends in your neighbourhood to give you their school question papers. Exchange yours with them. This will help all the students in practicing more and knowing about variety of questions.

8. Have a planned preparation

Prepare lists or sticky notes for useful reminders. Prepare a chart for important formulae and equations. Tick the topics that are well-studied. Double-tick the ones that have been revised several times. Try to target double ticks as much as you can.

9. Have shorter achievable targets

It is important that you have a goal-oriented study. For this, you should prepare your milestones. Make sure that these targets are achievable and realistic.

10. Spend more time with yourself instead of social media

Social media sites will distract you and will make you spend more time than required. Avoid chatting with people. Try to spend quality with yourself and make sure that you remain positive throughout the exam preparation.

With all these tips, you are definitely going to crack CBSE board exams. You will surely score more than 90% and reach your target destination- the college of your choice.

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No JEE Mains For IIT Aspirant

According to the latest reports, the Joint Admission Board (JAB) for IITs has proposed to abolish the JEE Mains exam for IIT aspirants. It means that if you want to get admitted to the IITs, you may be allowed skip over the JEE Mains exam and appear directly for the JEE Advance exam. The proposal has already been sent to the MHRD though the government nod is still awaited.

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According to the Professor SN Singh, the Chairman of the JEE IIT Kanpur region, the proposal will be examined again by JAB during its meeting in Hyderabad – which is scheduled on February 20, 2016.

In the meeting, all the Directors of the IITs in India as well as the Chairmen of the JEE Advance will discuss the proposal. They will also prepare new guidelines of the IIT entrance exam which would be applicable from 2017-18 academic year admissions to engineering and technological institutes.

At present, IIT aspirants have to first clear JEE Mains exam to be able to appear for the JEE Advance exam. There are speculations that JEE Mains might get replaced by the National Eligibility Test (NET) in 2017-18 to screen candidates interested in appearing for the JEE Advance exam.

The NET exam would test candidates on their grasp on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics as well as English. It might allow about 4 lakh students to appear for the JEE Advance exam.
For more updates go to

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Pattern to be changed for IIT JEE 2017

JEE exam is conducted for admission in various engineering colleges of India and Engineering jobs. Now the news is coming that next year there might be some changes in pattern of examination of JEE 2017. As per sources, the pattern of examination will be similar to Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), which is a college entrance examination of America. Joint Admission Board (JAB) will take decision on this proposal on 20th February 2016.

Few days back Human Resource Department has asked IIT Council for the proposal of changes to be made in engineering entrance examinations. The entire proposal related with these changes will be discussed in meeting of JAB. According to information, It is saying that the new pattern of JEE 2017 will be based on SAT. If the changes have been made, then entrance in IIT, NIT, IIIT and other engineering institutes will be based on score of SAT.

The first 4 lakhs students, who score well in this SAT examination they will be given chance to appear for Advance examination. Admission to engineering colleges will be based on the marks scored in these examinations. SAT is entrance examination for colleges of United States. It is paper based examination, the duration of which is of 3 hours and 45 minutes. Whereas, JEE conducts examination on both online and offline mode. Students might feel more difficult with this new change of pattern in JEE.

This year the offline mode of JEE Main 2016 will he held on 3rd April and online mode will be on 9th and 10th April 2016. There is no news related with any change in this year’s JEE Main examination.

CBSE Board Class 10th Time Table 2016

CBSE has released the date sheet for class 10 to be held in 2016.

Day Date Time Subject Name Sub-Code
Tuesday 01 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Dynamics Retail(O) 401
Info Technology(O) 402
Security(O) 403
Automobile Tech(O) 404
Intr To Tourism(O) 406
Dynamics Retail(C) 461
Info Technology(C) 462
Security(C) 463
Automobile Tech(C) 464
Intr To Tourism(C) 466
Wednesday 02 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Science 86
Science W/O Prac. 90
Thursday 03 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Telugu 7
French 18
N C C 76
Saturday 05 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Painting 49
Spanish 96
Tuesday 08 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Hindi Course-A 2
Tamil 6
Hindi Course-B 85
Thursday 10 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Social Science 87
Saturday 12 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Home Science 64
Monday 14 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Foundation of I T 165
Tuesday 15 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM English Comm. 101
English Lng & Lit. 184
Thursday 17 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Carnatic Music Voc 31
Car. Music Mel Ins. 32
Car. Music Per. Ins. 33
Hind. Music Vocal 34
Hind. Music Mel.Ins 35
Hind. Music Per.Ins 36
Saturday 19 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Mathematics 41
Monday 21 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Urdu Course-A 3
Gujarati 10
Manipuri 11
Tibetan 17
Persian 23
Nepali 24
Limboo 25
Lepcha 26
Tangkhul 93
Japanese 94
Bhutia 95
Mizo 98
Bahasa Melayu 99
Comm. Sanskrit 122
Urdu Course-B 303
Tuesday 22 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Elem. Of Business 154
Elem Book-K & Accy 254
E-Typewriting-Eng 354
E-Typewriting-Hin 454
Saturday 26 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Punjabi 4
Bengali 5
Marathi 9
Malayalam 12
Odia 13
Assamese 14
Kannada 15
Arabic 16
German 20
Monday 28 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Sindhi 8
Russian 21
Bodo 92
Kashmiri 97

CBSE Board Class 12th Time Table 2016

CBSE has released the date sheet for class 12 to be held in 2016.


Day Date Time Subject Name Sub-Code
Tuesday 01 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM English Elective 1
English Elective-c 101
English Core 301
Wednesday 03 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Business Studies 54
Bahasa Melayu 199
Elect Appliances 624
B Therapy&Hair Des 654
Beauty & Hair 745
Basic Horticulture 762
Printed Textile 778
Op & Maint. Of Comm Dev 789
Saturday 05 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Physics 42
Heritage Crafts 70
Persian 123
Kashmiri 197
Sect Prac & Accntg 605
Cash Mgmt & H-keep 619
Electrical Machine 623
Fabricatn.Tech-ii 630
Ac & Refrgtn-iii 632
Vegetable Culture 642
Cosmetic Chemistry 655
Optics 658
Clinical Biochemistry 661
Fund Of Nursing Ii 663
Radiography-genl 667
Textile Science 684
I T System 699
Child Health Nursg 731
Bakery 751
Garment Construction 776
Traditional Ind.Txt 777
Electrical Machine 787
Security 800
Tuesday 08 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM History 27
Assamese 114
Bodo 192
Lending Operations 620
Lab Medicines 660
Retail Services 744
Logistics, Op &Scm 750
Business Operation 766
Wednesday 09 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Chemistry 43
Applied Physics 625
Fabrication Tech-iii 631
Floriculture 643
Biology-opthalmic 657
Comm.Health Nur Ii 664
Radiation Physics 666
Desg & Pat Making 685
Business Data Proc 700
Beverage Services 737
Holistic Health 746
Confectionery 752
Floriculture 765
Cost Accounting 781
Thursday 10 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Urdu Elective 3
Punjabi 104
Manipuri 111
Malayalam 112
Kannada 115
Friday 11 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Hindi Elective 2
Tamil 106
Gujarati 110
Limboo 125
Lepcha 126
Tangkhul 193
Bhutia 195
Hindi Core 302
Saturday 12 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Engg. Graphics 46
Human Rights & Gs. 75
Tibetan 117
Japanese 194
Spanish 196
Marketing 613
Mech. Engineering 626
Textile Chem Proc. 779
Marketing 783
Web Application 796
Monday 14 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Mathematics 41
Know Trad & Prac. 73
Mgmt Of Bank Offce 621
Post Harv Tech&Prs 644
Yoga Anatomy &Phys 656
Ophthalmic Tech. 659
Microbiology (Mlt) 662
Radiography-spl 668
First Aid & Med. Care 730
Health Care Mgmt 733
Clinical Bio &M.Ii 742
Wednesday 16 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Multimedia & Web T 67
Typography &Ca Eng 607
Typography &Ca Hin 609
Autoshop Rep& Prac 628
Food Production Iii 734
Crtv & Comm In M M 739
Int To Hosp. Mgmt 756
Fabric Study 774
Thursday 17 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Accountancy 55
Friday 18 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Political Science 28
Biotechnology 45
Laboratory Med.Ii 741
Retail Operations 743
Financial Accountg 780
Saturday 19 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Fashion Studies 53
Agriculture 68
Library & Inf Sci. 79
Odia 113
German 120
Shorthand English 608
Shorthand Hindi 610
Engineering Sci. 622
Clothing Const 686
Dtp Cad & Multimedia 701
Banking 785
Database Mgmt Appl 795
Monday 21 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Biology 44
Ac & Refrgtn-iv 633
Taxation 782
Derivative Mkt Op. 794
Tuesday 22 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Dance Kathak 56
Dance Bharatnatyam 57
Dance Odissi 59
Dance Manipuri 60
Dance Mohiniyattam 62
Cr Wrtng Tr Study 69
Mass Media Studies 72
Sindhi 108
Off. Communication 606
Info Storage & Ret 748
Intg. Trnsprt Oper 749
Front Office Oper. 753
Trvl & Tour Oper. 757
Salesmanship 784
Tsm Of Ele.Equip 790
Capital Market Op. 793
Saturday 26 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Informatics Prac. 65
Computer Science 83
Adv Front Off. Op. 754
Olericulture 763
Basic Pattern Dev. 775
Insurance 786
Monday 28 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Physical Education 48
Tuesday 29 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Painting 49
Graphics 50
Sculpture 51
App/Commercial Art 52
Electrical Appl. 788
Thursday 31 March, 2016 10:30:00 AM Economics 30
Friday Apr 1, 2015 10:30:00 AM Legal Studies 74
Saturday Apr 2, 2015 10:30:00 AM Psychology 37
Monday Apr 4, 2016 10:30:00 AM Sociology 39
Graphic Design 71
Wednesday Apr 6, 2016 10:30:00 AM Music Car.Vocal 31
Music Car.Ins.Mel. 32
Music Car.Ins.Per. 33
Music Hind.Vocal 34
Music Hind.Ins.Mel 35
Music Hind.Ins.Per 36
Mat&Child H.Nur Ii 665
Thursday Apr 7, 2016 10:30:00 AM Geography 29
Lib Sys And Res Mg 747
Monday Apr 11, 2016 10:30:00 AM Sanskrit Elective 22
Bengali 105
Telugu 107
Marathi 109
Arabic 116
French 118
Mizo 198
Sanskrit Core 322
Auto Engineering 627
Evol & Forms M M 738
Tuesday Apr 12, 2016 10:30:00 AM Home Science 64
Saturday Apr 16, 2016 10:30:00 AM Philosophy 40
Entrepreneurship 66
Offce Proc.& Prac. 604
B Concept-h &Med T 729
Midwifery 732
Food Services 736
Geospatial Tech 740
Monday Apr 18, 2016 10:30:00 AM Theatre Studies 78
Tuesday Apr 19, 2016 10:30:00 AM Food Production Iv 735
Friday Apr 22, 2016 10:30:00 AM National Cadet Corps 76


List of Engineering Entrance Exams 2016-2017

Engineering Entrance Exams 2016-2017 – Engineering is the most hunted after specialized course after 12th in India. Students who are passionate about technology and machines can become an engineer by cracking one of the engineering entrance exams given below. These exams are conducted every year at both National and State ranks for choosing most skilled and competent candidates for admission into engineering institutes across the nation. Prominent engineering colleges in India include IITs, NITs, Birla Institute of Technology and few more. Most of the engineering colleges are AICTE permitted. The most significant and respected Engineering Entrance Exams in India are AIEEE, BITSAT, IIT JEE, ENAT, CETK, COMEDK, MHTCET and few more. Below you will find complete details on Engineering Entrance Exams 2015-2016 such as their application form, eligibility, important dates, prospectus, results and more updates.

National Level Engineering Entrance Exams 2016-2017

Popular Name Full Form
JEE Main Joint Entrance Examination Main

JEE Advanced Indian Institutes of Technology Joint Entrance Examination
AIEEE All India Engineering Architecture Entrance Examination
BITSAT Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test
ENAT EPSI National Admission Test
VITEEE Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Exam
NAT National Aptitude Test
GATE Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
PACET Planning and Architecture Common Entrance Test
ATIT Admission Test for ICFAI Science and Technology
ISAT IIST Admission Test
WAT Written Admission Test
MERI Entrance Exam Marine Engineering & Research Institute Entrance Exam
AMIE Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers
NEAT National Engineering Aptitude Test
NATA National Aptitude Test in Architecture
JEE Main Joint Entrance Examination Main
JEE Advanced Joint Entrance Examination Advanced
ECET FDH Engineering Common Entrance Test for Diploma Holders ECET


State Level Engineering Entrance Exams 2015-2016

Popular Name Full Form
MHTCET Maharashtra’s Common Entrance Test
KCET Karnataka Common Entrance Test
TNEA Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions
UPSEE Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Exam
COMEDK Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka
EAMCET Engineering, Agriculture and Medicine Common Entrance Test
KEAM Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical Examination
Assam JAT Assam Joint Admission Test
Karnataka PGCET Karnataka Post Graduate Common Entrance Test
CENTAC JET Centralised Admission Committee Joint Entrance Test Pondicher
Bihar CET Bihar Common Entrance Test
KRLMPCA CET Karnataka Religious & Linguistic Minority Professional Colleges Association Common Entrance Test
BPEE CET Jammu and Kashmir Board of Professional Entrance Examinations Common Entrance Test
Punjab CET Punjab Technical University Combined Entrance Test
Orissa JEE Orissa Joint Entrance Examination
RPET Rajasthan Pre Engineering Test
MP PET Madhya Pradesh Professional examination Test
WB JEE West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board
IPU CET Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test
CPET Combined Pre-Entrance Test
PJET Puducherry Joint Entrance Test

Get complete list of Engineering Entrance Exams

University Level Engineering Entrance Exams 2015-2016

Popular Name Full Form
SRM EEE SRM Engineering Entrance Exam
VEE Vels Entrance Examination
Tripura JEE Tripura Joint Entrance Examination
TMISAT Tolani Maritime Institute of Science Aptitude Test
JMI EEE Jamia Milia Islamia Engineering Entrance Exam
NET NERIST Entrance Test
VMU EEE Vinayaka Mission University Engineering Entrance Examination
AUEEE Annamalai University Engineering Entrance Exam
AEEE Avinashilingam University Engineering Entrance Exam
IMU CET Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test
VSAT Vignan University Entrance Test
KIIT EE Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology Engineering Entrance Exam
AEEE Amrita Engineering Entrance Examination
BVP EEE Bharati Vidyapeeth Engineering Entrance Exam
CIPET JEE Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology Joint Entrance Exam
KEE Karunya Entrance Examination
SAAT Siksha O Anusandhan University Admission Test
SPA School of Planning and Architecture
PMUET Periyar Maniammai University entrance test
BSAUEEE B S Abdur Rehman University Engineering Entrance Exam
CUSAT CAT Cochin University of Science and Technology Common Admission Test
Sliet Sliet Engineering Test
JNU EEE Jawaharlal Nehru University Engineering Entrance Exam
BEEE Bharath University Engineering Entrance Exam


List of Medical Entrance Exams 2016-2017

Medical Entrance Exams in India 2016-2017 are directed on an All India Basis as well as at the State Level to provide admissions to many Medical Colleges in India. Some national level institutions also conduct their own entrance exams. The Medical Council of India, Delhi is responsible for medical education in India. Most of the Govt. Medical Colleges make available admissions only to Indian Nationals on the basis of All India Medical Entrance exams. However, there are NRI/ Overseas student quotas in few Government Medical Colleges to make available admissions to NRIs and overseas students.

Medical Entrance Exams 2016-2017 in India

Popular Name Full Form
AIIMS Nursing All India Institute of Medical Sciences Nursing Entrance Examination
BVP CET MBBS Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Deemed University Undergraduate Medical Entrance Examination
AIPMT All India Pre-Medical / Pre-Dental Entrance Examination
AFMC PMT Armed Forces Medical College Pre Medical Test
AIIMS MBBS All India Institute of Medical Sciences MBBS Entrance Examination
KIMS UG Medical Kalinga Institute of Medical Science Undergraduate Medical Entrance Exam
KLEU AIET KLE University All India Entrance Test
MGIMS Wardha Medical Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Undergraduate Medical Exam
MU OET Medical Manipal University Online Entrance Test Medical
NEET UG National Eligibility cum Entrance Test Undergraduate
Rajasthan PC PMT Federation of Private Medical and Dental Colleges Rajasthan Pre Medical Test
AFMS PG Medical Armed Force Medical Services PG Medical Admission
AIIMS PG All India Institute of Medical Sciences Post Graduate Entrance Examination
AIPGDEE All India PG Dental Entrance Exam
AIPGMEE All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination
AIPSSCET All India PG Super Speciality Common Entrance Test
DNB CET Diplomate National Board Centralized Entrance Test
FMGE Foreign Medical Graduate Screening Exam
KLEU PGAIET KLE University Post Graduate All India Entrance Test
MGMPGCET MGM Institute of Health Sciences Post Graduate Common Entrance Test
MU OET PG Medical Manipal University Online Entrance Test PG Medical
PIMS AICET PG Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences All India Common Entrance Test PG Medical
ASSAM CEE MBBS Assam Combined Entrance Examination
ASSO CET The Association Of Managements Of Unaided Private Medical And Dental Colleges Association Combined Entrance Test
BCECE Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination
CETPPMC Common Entrance Test For Pondicherry Private Medical Colleges
Chhattisgarh Medical Chhattisgarh Medical Admission
COMEDK UGET Medical Consortium Of Medical Engineering And Dental Colleges Of Karnataka Under Graduate Entrance Test
DCECE Diploma Certificate Entrance Competitive Examination
MP DMAT Dental And Medical Admission Test
EAMCET Medical Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test
GCET Medical Goa Common Entrance Test Medical
GUJCET Medical Gujarat Common Entrance Test
Haryana Medical Haryana Medical Admissions
HP Medical Himachal Pradesh Medical Admissions
Jharkhand Medical Jharkhand Medical Admission
JKCET Medical J&K Medical Common Entrance Test
KARNATAKA CET Karnataka Common Entrance Test
KEAM Medical Kerala Engineering Agriculture Medical Common Entrance Exam
KRLMPCA CET MBBS Karnataka Religious & Linguistic Minority Professional Colleges Association
MHT CET Medical Maharshtra Common Entrance Test Medical
JCECE Jharkhand Medical Exam
MP Medical Madhya Pradesh Medical Admission
ODISHA JEE Medical Odisha Joint Entrance Medical Exam
PUNJAB CET Punjab Technical University,Jalandhar
PAM CAT Punjab Admission to MCA Common Aptitude Test
RPMT Rajasthan Pre Medical Test
Haryana PMT Haryana Pre Medical Test
Tamil Nadu Medical Tamil Nadu Medical Admissions
TJEE Medical Tripura Medical Joint Entrance Examination
UPCPMT Uttar Pradesh Combined Pre-Medical Test
UPCAT DENTAL Uttar Pradesh Common Admission Test Dental
UPMCAT Uttar Pradesh Management Common Aptitude Test
UPCMET UP Combined Medical Entrance Test
UPSEE Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Exam
MP MET Madhya Pradesh Management Entrance Test
UPMT Uttarakhand Pre Medical Test
Uttarakhand CPMEE Uttarakhand Common Pre-Medical Entrance Examination
WBJEE Medical West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Medical
AP PG MET Andhra Pradesh Post Graduate Medical Entrance Test
Assam PG Medical Assam Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exam
ASSO CET PG Medical Association of Managements of Unaided Private Medical and Dental Colleges of Maharashtra Post Graduate Common Entrance Test
BCECE PG Medical Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Post Graduate Medical
COMEDK PGET Consortium Of Medical Engineering And Dental Colleges Of Karnataka Post Graduate Entrance Test
Goa PG Medical Goa PG Medical Admission
Gujarat PG Medical Exam Gujarat Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exam
Haryana PG Medical Haryana PG Medical Admission
HP PG Medical Himachal Pradesh PG Medical Admission
Jharkhand State PGET Jharkhand State Post Graduate Entrance Test
Karnataka PG Medical Karnataka PG Medical Admission
Karnataka PGET Dental Karnataka Post Graduate Dental Entrance Test
Kerala PG Medical Kerala PG Medical Entrance Exam
KRLMPCA PGCET Karnataka Religious and Linguistic Mionority Colleges Association Post Graduate Common Entrance Test
Manipur PG Medical Exam Manipur Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exam
MH PGMPGDCET Maharashtra Post Graduate Medical, Postgraduate Dental Entrance Exam
MP PG Medical Madhya Pradesh PG Medical Admission
Odisha PG Medical Odisha PG Medical Admission
PGMET J&K PG Medical Entrance Test, Jammu & Kashmir
Punjab PG Medical Punjab PG Medical Admission
Rajasthan PG Medical Rajasthan PG Medical Admission
Sikkim PG Medical Sikkim PG Medical Admission
Tamil Nadu PG Medical Tamil Nadu Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examinations
Tripura PG MAT Tripura Post Graduate Medical Admission Test
UKPGMEE Uttarakhand Post Graduate Medical and Dental Entrance Examination
UP PGMEE Uttar Pradesh Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exam
UPPGMET Uttar Pradesh Post Graduate Medical Entrance Test
WB PG MAT West Bengal Post Graduate Medical Admission Test
Amrita MBBS Amrita Medical Entrance Exam
AMU MBBS Aligarh Muslim University MBBS Exam
AU AIMEE Annamalai University All India Medical Entrance Exam
BHU PMT Banaras Hindu University Pre Medical Test
BLDE UGET BLDE Under Graduate Entrance Test
CMC LUDHIANA Christian Medical College Ludhiana
CMC VELLORE CMC Vellore Entrance Exam
DR. D. Y. PATIL AICET Dr. D.Y.Patil All India Common Entrance Test (AICET)
DU Medical Delhi University Medical Exam
HIHT PMEE HIHT Pre Medical Entrance Exam
IPUCET MBBS Guru Gobind Singh Inderprastha University Common Entrance Test MBBS
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SRM Joint Engineering Entrance Exam (SRMJEEE) 2016

SRMJEEE 2016- SRM University will conduct SRM Joint Engineering Entrance Examination (SRMJEEE) 2016 for granting admissions to nearly 7,000 undergraduate engineering seats across its four campuses- Kattankulathur, Ramapuram,Ramapuram Part– Vadapalani and NCR Ghaziabad. Candidates will be given admissions to B.Tech programmes on the basis of their SRMJEEE 2016 performance. This national level engineering entrance exam will be held online, from April 19th to April 25th, 2016.

For academic session 2015-16, over 1.75 lakh students, who appeared for this national level entrance exam, had the flexibility of choosing between 102 offline centres or the online ones from 50 locations distributed across the country. These candidates shared that questions in SRMJEEE were of moderate difficulty level with Chemistry section being the easiest one.

Students interested in appearing for SRMJEEE 2016 can check below complete details about eligibility criteria, application procedure, syllabus, exam pattern, exam centres, admit card and important dates.


Exam Name: SRM Joint Engineering Entrance Examination


Commonly called as: SRMJEEE


Exam type: University Level


Exam category: UG Exam


Conducting Institute: SRM University


SRMJEEE 2016 Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicant for admission should be a resident Indian national.
  • He/she must have secured 65% aggregate in Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry.
  • For biotechnology, biomedical engineering, bioinformatics and genetic engineering, minimum 65% aggregate in Mathematics / Biology, Physics and Chemistry is required.

SRMJEEE 2016 Application Form:

The Application Form of SRMJEEE 2016 is available now. Candidates can now apply for the SRMJEEE 2016 by clicking on the link given below.
Click Here to apply for SRMJEEE 2016


For payment of SRMJEEE 2016 application form, Candidates can choose any one of the following modes-

1.  Online with E-Payment / Unique Voucher Code

Apply online by registering and paying online / using prepaid Unique Voucher Code.

2. Online with Demand Draft

Application to be fi­lled online and the same can be downloaded and sent to the university with the DD drawn in favour of SRMIST, payable at Chennai. Candidates should write their name and address on the reverse of DD.

3.  Direct

Candidates can obtain the application form from any of the following sources upon payment-

  • SRM University, Kattankulathur Campus
  • SRM University, Ramapuram Campus
  • SRM University, Vadapalani Campus
  • SRM University, NCR Campus, Delhi
  • SRM University Haryana, Sonepat
  • SRM University Sikkim, Gangtok

SRMJEEE 2016 Syllabus:

Candidates can check below SRMJEEE Syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics-

Part 1- Physics:

  • Units and Measurement
  • Mechanics
  • Gravitation, Mechanics of Solids and Fluids
  • Oscillations and Wave Motion
  • Heat and Thermodynamics
  • Ray and Wave Optics and Magnetism
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Atomic Physics and Relativity
  • Dual Nature of Matter and Nuclear Physics
  • Electronics and Communication

Part 2- Chemistry:

  • Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry
  • States of Matter
  • Chemical Families – Periodic Properties
  • Atomic Structure
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
  • Chemical Energetics
  • Chemical Thermodynamics
  • Solutions
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Electrochemistry
  • Surface Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis
  • Puri­fication and Characterization of Organic Compounds
  • Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen
  • Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
  • Polymers
  • Biomolecules
  • Chemistry in Everyday Life

Part 3- Mathematics:

  • Sets, Relations and Functions
  • Complex Numbers
  • Matrices and Determinants
  • Applications of Matrices and Determinants
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Permutations and Combinations
  • Mathematical Induction and its Applications
  • Binomial Theorem and its Applications
  • Sequences and Series
  • Differential Calculus
  • Applications of Differential Calculus
  • Integral Calculus
  • Differential Equations
  • Straight Lines in Two Dimensions
  • Circles in Two Dimensions
  • Conic Sections in Two Dimensions
  • Vector Algebra
  • Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
  • Probability
  • Trigonometry

SRMJEEE 2016 Exam Pattern:

The exam pattern of SRMJEEE 2016 has been announced by the SRM University. Candidates can check the latest test format of the entrance exam to be held in 2016 below-


SRMJEEE 2016 Question Paper will comprised of objective type questions divided into following parts –

Part 1: 35 question in Mathematics for 105 marks

Part 2: 35 question in Physics for 105 marks

Part 3: 35 question in Chemistry for 105 marks

Part 4: 50 question in Biology for 105 marks


Every wrong answer in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics carried negative marking of 1 mark, while wrong answer in Biology carried negative marking of 0.7 marks.


SRMJEEE 2016 Sample Papers:

Practising Sample papers of SRMJEEE will aid the candidates in knowing their strong and weak areas. These practice papers are like the actual question paper of this exam, which will be held from April 19th to April 25th, 2016 in online mode. Model Papers of SRMJEEE will help in better preparation and candidates can practise these anytime as per their convenience. Download and practise Sample Papers of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of last few years.


SRMJEEE 2016 Exam Centres:

The exam centres for SRMJEEE 2016 for both modes, CBT and Pencil-Paper based test, are declared by the SRM University. Candidates shall choose the exam centre while filling the application form as per their convenience. Every effort will be made by the university to allot a centre in the test city opted by the candidate, but it reserves its right to allot a centre other than that of the candidate’s choice.


SRMJEEE 2016 Admit Card:

Admit Card of SRMJEEE 2016 will be issued only to those eligible candidates, who have submitted their application forms complete in all respects, on or before the last date. The Hall Ticket will contain name, photograph and address of the candidate, address of the test centre allotted and test schedule. It should be downloaded and candidates shall take out its printout.


Candidates should necessarily bring their admit card with them. During the examination time, invigilators will check it for identity of the candidate. Candidates are required to produce their hall ticket and ID proof (bearing photograph and date of birth) at the registration desk without which the entry will not be allowed.


SRMJEEE 2016 Important Dates:

Complete schedule of SRMJEEE 2016 has been announced by the SRM University. Candidates can check the SRMJEEE 2016 important dates below-

Event Date
Start sale of prospectus  October 19th, 2016
Last date for receipt of offline application  March 15th, 2016
Slot Booking  March 26th to March 30th, 2016
SRMJEEE 2016 Online (CBT) Test Dates  April 19th to April 25th, 2016
SRMJEEE 2016 rank list and counselling schedule  May 4th, 2016

This year, SRM has introduced two schemes to recognize and reward high calibre students. First, application fee waiver for those who score 95% and above or equivalent in 10th Standard. Second, an Essay Contest to win a fully paid tuition – fee scholarship to an undergraduate engineering degree in any institution in India.



Several scholarships are provided to recognize and reward highly talented students, including Founders’ Scholarship – 100% waiver of tuition and hostel fees and a monthly stipend of Rs 1000 for toppers in SRMJEEE, JEE, CBSE / State Board final and for outstanding sports performance; tuition fee waiver of 50% for 200 scholarships to applicants with 10000 SRMJEEE rank, and with 95% aggregate score in PCM / PCB in school final as per the eligibility.


Contact Info:

Address: 3 Veerasamy Street, West Mambalam, Chennai 600 033.

Phone: +91-44-2474 2836, +91-44-2474 7231, +91-44-2489 2621, +91-44-2489 3688

Fax: +91-44-2474 8925