Top ten tips to crack CBSE board exams

As the CBSE board exams come closer to you, there is a sudden sense of nervousness. There is an urge to perform well in the board exams and excel. Almost every student wants to get a bright career by cracking the board exams and entering the desired college. Here are some of the most basic, but sure-shot tips to crack CBSE board exams:

1. Know your strengths and weaknesses

Design your preparation around these factors. You may have stronger subjects and weaker ones. Know about them and then plan your preparation.

2. Know your exam pattern in and out

Pick up past year question papers of CBSE boards and practice them. You will realize that there is a fixed pattern around which CBSE revolves. U-Like books are a great source for practicing previous year’s question papers.

3. Practice hard

As long as you are unable to answer every question perfectly, do not stop. Practice is the key to crack CBSE exams.

4. Make sure that every single thing in NCERT books is covered

NCERT books are CBSE’s favorite. Make sure that you study them in-depth and solve the questions at the end of chapters.

5. Have a disciplined routine

Do not wake up late or sleep late. Have a proper and strict schedule for yourself. If you haven’t been following a proper routine, your body will take a few days to adjust to the new disciplined routine.

6. Give your brain the vacant space

Just a few days before your board exams, do not over-stress yourself. Give free space to your brain. Let your mind relax and have some time for leisure and creative or productive activities.

7. Solve mock papers and question papers of other schools

Do not just focus on the question papers of your school. Ask the friends in your neighbourhood to give you their school question papers. Exchange yours with them. This will help all the students in practicing more and knowing about variety of questions.

8. Have a planned preparation

Prepare lists or sticky notes for useful reminders. Prepare a chart for important formulae and equations. Tick the topics that are well-studied. Double-tick the ones that have been revised several times. Try to target double ticks as much as you can.

9. Have shorter achievable targets

It is important that you have a goal-oriented study. For this, you should prepare your milestones. Make sure that these targets are achievable and realistic.

10. Spend more time with yourself instead of social media

Social media sites will distract you and will make you spend more time than required. Avoid chatting with people. Try to spend quality with yourself and make sure that you remain positive throughout the exam preparation.

With all these tips, you are definitely going to crack CBSE board exams. You will surely score more than 90% and reach your target destination- the college of your choice.

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